Karen Taylor GAICD
Chief Executive Officer, Women & Leadership International

Suzi Finkelstein


At a time when we are looking to our leaders for justice and equity, the need for more women in leadership positions is more apparent than ever. Women & Leadership International believes that advancing gender equity is central to creating a more fair and inclusive society, and we are dedicated to supporting women to help us achieve that mission.

By creating dedicated spaces for networking, discussion and learning, we offer opportunities for women leaders to begin to realise their own potential and develop their leadership skills and expertise. Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum of leadership, or what you are looking to achieve, we want to support your career ambitions and future leadership capabilities.

Connecting and developing world's women leaders, creating space for us all to listen, learn, reflect and improve, will create a powerful push for awareness and action and contribute to further equity for women and diverse groups across the world.

The team at Women & Leadership International is tremendously passionate about what we do and why we do it. The stories we hear from women in our programs, at our events and through our online community are both inspiring and humbling. I look forward to learning from and sharing in the experiences of even more women leaders as we continue to champion women’s leadership across the world.    

A warm welcome to women leaders​ everywhere

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