“Without any hesitation I highly recommend Executive Ready. The course was incredibly beneficial to the way I handle situations at work, giving me the ability to be centred, grounded and confident. I now understand different personality types/modes, which has helped in how I interact with others at work for both mutual and team benefit. This was the first online course I have done and the forum was great. There was loads of interaction from participants, as we all felt like we were learning in a comfortable and supportive environment. There was a small component of the course which is not directly applicable to my leadership situation at work, but even that was useful, because it gave me a real insight into the priorities and mindsets of the senior leadership team. Again, this has helped with how I now interact with them. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Executive Ready is designed to encourage interactivity, to the point where the class developed such a rapport and a shared commonality throughout the learning process, that it became so much more than just ’we are on a course together’. It was a fantastic group, and we are looking to continue our connections with each other long into the future.”   ​

Sharon Solyma, Manager, Pathway & Partnerships

“The ALP is incredibly enjoyable and valuable. The coaching was excellent - the insights challenged me and led me to review my thinking and approaches to particular situations. The peer coaching and opportunity to network and learn from an amazing group of women from diverse professional backgrounds was also fabulous. The course content was highly relevant to my role, evidence-based and expertly delivered by the facilitators. Throughout and since the course, I draw on different topics covered and lessons learnt to enhance my own leadership as well as coach and develop my team. I have nothing to fault this course and highly recommend it.”​

Dr Chelsea Todd, Manager​

“I found the ALP to be really thorough and relevant to my professional development. It was a valuable eye opener and I am immediately applying what I learnt.”​

Renee Haoust, Director​

“This course was just what I needed. I was frustrated and lacked structure and guidance. The readings, conversations, webinars and other participants have all been stimulating and educating. I have learned so much about myself and how to guide and lead others with tools and proven methods rather than with my gut and my own sense of what works. The topics have been excellent. The ‘inner critic’ model blew me away and the Hogan assessment was both confronting and empowering.”​

Lisa Gulikers, Senior Legal Manager

“The ALP was a unique experience, unlike any previous development courses I have attended. The course content was relevant to managing in today’s business environment. The principles and concepts explored were able to be put into practice back in the workplace and the peer coaching provided additional support and inspiration. My peer coach and I still communicate regularly and I do not anticipate that this will change. The face-to-face sessions provided a safe and open forum for sharing and growth, while the monthly webinars were an effective way to stay in touch and cover new topics. I believe the success in these areas was due to the high calibre of the facilitators and the mix of intelligent and interesting women in attendance. In fact the participants in the course were almost as crucial to the success of the course as the content itself. The frequency of visits I made to the learning portal to reference its spot-on content were testament to the effort that had gone in to the relevant planning of the course.”​

Michelle Dalzell, Plant Manager

“The course was a really enjoyable and positive experience. It is a great way to learn about practical leadership in a safe, diverse and productive environment. The workshops were really good and the facilitators were excellent. It is also helpful to do a course that is reasonably flexible from a time commitment perspective. I learnt so much throughout the courseand have been able to utilise these learnings in the workplace. I have already told one of my colleagues to enrol in it.” ​

Li Huey Tan, Intensive Care Specialist

“Initially I wasn't sure how the program would help me, but soon after commencing I started seeing real benefits. In fact, the course helped me in ways I never thought would happen. The course provided me with many useful tools that I can use on a day by day basis, and opened my eyes to different ways of thinking and dealing with situations. Moreover, it helped me to see my full potential and the possibilities for my future. It's a fantastic course and I would recommend it to those who are looking to grow and develop.”​

Erin Sanchez, Administration

 “The Executive Ready course was stimulating, interesting and useful. Overall it is a very good course. It has really helped me in my day-to-day approach of things, and I am already using the strategic frameworks for my own team, which has been tremendously helpful. Moreover, the course gave me the impetus to continue to learn; to broaden my toolkit of models and approaches ever more widely. As it progressed the course got more interesting and complex, so it became more enjoyable and rewarding as the level of my knowledge grew.” ​

Ella Lovece, Senior Curriculum Manager

“I was very happy with the course module topics and the facilitator. The materials and workbooks will be a good resource for me, and I intend to keep going back to my notes whenever I'm stuck in a leadership muddle, or even to brush up on all the tools we have learnt about.”​

Divya Das, Executive Manager

“The ALP helped me get promoted! Through the utilisation of the last module (which focuses on each participant’s career), I was able to plot out a meaningful and achievable career map. From there, I applied for two roles at my current organisation that had come up due to a restructure…and got both of them! The ALP is a fantastic course. The topics were relevant, the content brilliant and the teamwork exercises exceptional. The blended model also really worked for me. So much of the course was directly applicable to my situation, both now and what I want to achieve in the future. Along with the section that delivered a real focus on our career, I especially liked the strategic leadership module. I have recommended this course to quite a few people, and will continue to do so.”​

Geethani Nair, Faculty Director​

“This is an enjoyable course. It is sufficiently challenging and I am learning a lot about myself, my leadership style and my team. Moreover, I am applying the learnings and making changes to the way I think things through, approach challenges and how I encourage my team. The course delivery of the webinars and face-to-face workshops is great as we are able to maintain networking throughout the group and apply what we are learning in the workplace as we progress through the course. This has been very helpful for me. I work in a rural area, so opportunities to network with other professionals are limited. This course has provided a great platform to be able to meet and chat with other professionals and share ideas and experiences. The online learning environment lessens the burden of being geographically separated from the capital cities where most training courses and networking opportunities are run.” ​

Victoria Manner, Senior Environmental Health Officer

“I found the course a great opportunity to network with other great women in leadership positions. The duration of the course provided us with the opportunity to develop a rapport with members of the group. The information was presented well, with the webinars and face-to-face sessions nicely balanced. The course content is structured in a way that encourages you to reflect on your style and leadership.”​

Angela Nicholls, Operations Manager

“Executive Ready is so good, so impactful and so applicable that I am recommending it to our whole business. 11 staff are confirmed to undertake the course this financial year, and another 11 are on a wait list. The course provides tangible techniques, tools and tips to excel at the leadership role you are in. But the most beneficial aspect of this course is the networking and learning with peers from different industries. Regardless of which industry you are in, the types of leadership challenges you are faced with are very similar. By sharing and exploring these with your fellow course participants, you become very connected to the course content and can easily contextualise learnings to your day-to-day activities. The peer coaching is also a big part of how successful this process is. If you are thinking about doing this course, my advice is quite simple – go for it.”  ​

Karen Gee, General Manager​

“This has proven to be one of the most outstanding and thought provoking leadership courses I have ever taken part in. The content was incomparable, the facilitators and lecturers were world class and the course outline and modules were holistic and invigorating. The course also provided me with an instant support group of exceptional women from diverse industries all with their own unique experiences and skills. I would highly recommend the course to women in any industry and especially those that work in male dominated industries. The tools this course equipped us with are uniquely tailored for women by women to maximise our impact. I feel grateful, humbled and incredibly gratified that I had this opportunity to be part of this journey.” ​

Renee Tocco, Managing Director​

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