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Increasing awareness around female school leadership in Australia

Female school leaders and aspiring leaders face a multitude of challenges and barriers in Australian schools. While women have achieved modest progress in terms of attaining more school leadership positions over recent years, they nevertheless continue to be inordinately underrepresented and disadvantaged in gaining leadership positions in Australia’s schools. The 2018 Year of Women in School Leadership was an awareness raising campaign aimed at highlighting the critical role women paly in school leadership.  The initiative included a range of targeted events and promotional activities as well as a dedicated funding channel to offer leadership development scholarships to high potential female school leaders. 

2018 Year of Women in School Leadership Brochure

by​ WLI's Academic Director
Dr Janet Smith



Increasing gender equity in Australian workplaces

100 Days for Change was an initiative run by Women & Leadership Australia to help create practical and achievable change to increase gender equality in Australian workplaces. During the initiative organisations and individuals were asked to pledge to make a change that would have a positive impact on gender equality within their workplace. The initiative was a huge success with over 13,000 people choosing to support it. Over 200 organisations and individuals pledged to make a significant change, and an estimated 200,000 people’s working lives will be impacted as a result. ​

100 Days for Change report





Leadership development for Latina women in America schools

Currently 52% of U.S school principals are women but only 6% are Latina women, mainly located in California, Texas and Florida. The Latina Women’s Advanced Leadership Program aims to highlight the game changing-role of Latina women within the U.S School System and provide high quality leadership development sympathetic to their unique challenges and opportunities. Launched in the USA in November 2018, the six month development program is a collaborative initiative between WLI and NESLI. ​

The Latina Womens Advanced Leadership Program

6 month

development program


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