Learning Methodology

WLI’s learning methodology draws on three interwoven learning philosophies​

High quality, in person development workshops interwoven with state of the art synchronous and asynchronous online learning enables us to create truly immersive learning experiences flexible enough to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Focused intently on creating outcomes relevant to each participant’s specific context, we create supportive and collaborative environments that enable women to prioritise their own development and remain present and effective in their workplace. 

WLI’s online environments include the very latest in digital learning technology including high quality video, animation, quizzes, written/recorded submissions and real-time feedback. Incorporated into this environment are participant generated discussion boards and collaboration spaces where learners can engage in professional conversations and discuss top of mind issues. Highly-experienced and passionate facilitators moderate and mediate our online environments, ensuring that learners have constant access to supportive and engaging communities of practice.

Learning model





Reflective learning involves considering past and present work and life experiences in the context of trying new things or re-evaluating one’s beliefs, mindsets and behaviours. Reflective Learning is essential in accommodating new ideas, information and experience.

Dialogic Learning underpins rich reflection on work-integrated learning and peer interactions. The combination of these elements creates a very powerful learning methodology and is the foundation of WLI’s approach to leadership development.​

We also believe in the role and importance of professional and academically robust evaluation. To assist in this process we are able to draw on a number of highly qualified academic professionals with significant expertise in evaluation and measurement of professional learning initiatives.

Work Integrated Learning


Work integrated learning works from the notion that learning that is drawn from and then re-embedded in real work contexts is much more likely to be rich, practical, meaningful and memorable. Based on the themes and challenges engaged within the ongoing coursework, participants are provided with (or build on their own) practical tool kits to take back into their regular work contexts, and are regularly prompted to re-connect and reflect on what they are noticing, applying and accommodating in their real work lives.




Dialogic Learning emphasises learning in which dialogue is both the objective and the mode of active learning in collaborative learning environments. Dialogic learning is central to an open, democratic and egalitarian learning setting where everyone can be heard and learning happens among participants (not ‘to’ them). Dialogic Learning should be collective (with everyone encouraged to contribute and participate), reciprocal (as much about listening to others as telling them something), supportive (free of fear of ‘errors’), cumulative (with discussion chains across and deeper into particular ideas) and purposeful (focused on working towards particular goals and objectives).


This model is used extensively in WLI’s leadership courses, and is the result of intensive development and refinement over a number of years.


WLI’s market leading engagement and support services are also an essential component of our continued success. All participants are taken through a guided and involved support process as they work through their course. Capable of managing several thousand learners at any one time, our team employs detailed check-lists to ensure that course participants remain engaged and actively supported throughout the learning cycle.

Our high touch, learner centric approach to professional learning continues to drive very high satisfaction and completion rates across all our courses and is something we are immensely proud of.

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