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Delivered part-time over five months, Leading Edge is designed to enable the transition of aspiring and early career female managers into confident, capable and motivated leaders. The course equips participants with the knowledge and behavioural insights required for successful leadership, embedding and functionalising new learnings as real world behaviour and action. Informed by fourteen years of experience in developing emerging female talent, the course focuses on tangible, relevant outcomes tailored to the needs of each participant.​

The course was a really enjoyable and positive experience. It is a great way to learn about practical leadership in a safe, diverse and productive environment. The workshops were really good and the facilitators were excellent. It is also helpful to do a course that is reasonably flexible from a time commitment perspective. I learnt just so much throughout the course and have been able to utilise these learnings in the workplace.

- LI HUEY TAN, Participant


During the program management teams will work collaboratively to:​

Accelerate leadership potential and embrace a ‘leader as learner’ mindset​

Explore strategies to understand and engage more effectively with team members and stakeholders​

Refine interpersonal communication and presentation skills​

Identify and respond to challenges within the team and organisation​

Leverage the combined expertise of peers to progress individual and collective growth​

Develop, implement and evaluate a targeted Workplace Application Project​

Course Modules

Segmented into seven key modules, Leading Edge engages participants in a detailed exploration around the fundamentals of leadership and management and their individual drivers and derailers.​

Supporting leadership performance​

Effective interpersonal communication and feedback

Emotional intelligence and conflict

Career and professional growth

Elements of a successful team

Presence and Presentation Skills

Leading in times of change









Self-directed learning Modules

Virtual Workshop Days

Workplace Application Project

online workshops

Peer coaching

Participant experience

Encompassing a sophisticated blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning, Leading Edge immerses participants in a multilayered development journey designed to ensure maximum individual impact. Coordinated via WLA’s state of the art learning management system, the program provides powerful and accessible individualised learning.

Workplace application project

In conjunction with the various course elements, participants will undertake a Workplace Application Project (WAP). The purpose of the WAP is to deepen and extend the courses learning outcomes and for the participant to generate a portfolio of evidence around their capability. The WAP is also important in ensuring that learning outcomes are aligned to organisational objectives and that participants can be seen to be delivering something of lasting value to their organisation. The focus of the project will be decided by the participant in collaboration with their manager or workplace sponsor. Projects should focus on practical and achievable outcomes and provide opportunities for the participant to consolidate and demonstrate new skills. Project outcomes may include such things as improvements to operational processes, enhancements to team or culture or ways to improve performance and productivity.

Project portfolio

During the completion of their WAP, participants will be encouraged to closely monitor and report on their challenges and key learnings. These reports may include such things as a personal journal, stakeholder testimonials, surveys and statistics etc. This material along with elements from other aspects of the course will be collated together into a portfolio of evidence, showcasing each participant’s unique learning journey.

Project support sessions

To assist in planning and executing their WAP’s participants will have access to two dedicated webinar sessions with the course facilitator. The first session will be conducted soon after the initial workshop and focus on ensuring participants have clear and effective plans for their projects. The second session will be conducted towards the end of the course and provide useful information to help prepare participants to deliver their project presentation.

Project presentation

During the final workshop each participant will complete a short presentation on their WAP and their key learnings. 




Course Map

From self-paced, individual learning to interactive group development, the course immerses participants in a vibrant, multifaceted learning experience. Interacting with peers across a range of mediums, participants gain diverse insights and build powerful new connections.


Due to the current situation around COVID-19, Women & Leadership International has moved to a fully online delivery format for current intakes for all its flagship programs. This move ensures we can continue to offer high quality support and development to female leaders during this difficult time.

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