Christine Baker
Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach


MSc Organizational Behaviour, Birkbeck College, University of London
BA Hons French, German and Politics, University of Bristol


Requisite Organization Cognitive Capability Assessment, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire, Belbin Team Types, Margerison-McCann Team Management Index, VERAX 360 degree feedback, Dialectical Thinking Framework

Areas of specialisation 

Leadership development and coaching, socio-emotional development, cognitive capability assessment and development, team dynamics and facilitation, organizational culture, organizational design, change leadership, strategic thinking, resilience-building, entrepreneur coaching 


Christine’s passion in life has been to help leaders at all organizational levels to transform their performance and well-being by shifting their worldview, strengthening their core capabilities and building resilience and confidence to change themselves and their environments. She has a special interest in developing female leaders to harness their unique talents.
Christine’s working journey spans 40 years, ranging from her early years in banking management to international roles in HR management consultancy.  For the past 20 years she has been a serial entrepreneur. She has built a global leadership development consultancy practice together with a new venture, combining immersive learning technology (VR, AR, AI) with latest advances in neuroscience to create high-impact and scalable learning experiences which focus on how to change our thinking to change behaviour.

My life’s work is dedicated to developing human potential. There is so much untapped potential in the world’s female leaders. As organisational culture continues to become more diverse and inclusive, great opportunities abound for our brightest and aspirational young women to assume formal leadership positions and mould the workplaces of the future.

By creating dedicated spaces for connection, consideration and growth, we offer opportunities for female leaders to begin to realise their own potential. I never tire of witnessing this transformation. It is as exciting and rewarding to me today as it has ever been.

Although it is disappointing that there is still so much to be done if we are to truly reach gender equity in the workplace, with the ongoing fight for change comes tremendous opportunity.

Aside from the obvious fact that making considered and achievable change to positively impact gender equity is a good thing for communities & business, making change as part of a broader initiative offers the additional benefits of collective voice, action and momentum.

By focusing the amazing work being done across the world under one initiative we can attract international awareness and exposure. It is our hope that by creating a powerful groundswell of awareness and action around gender equity and women’s leadership, the potential for large scale, international change will only increase.

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