Psychometric Assessment

The Advanced Leadership Program commences with a psychometric assessment suite on personality, derailers, values and leadership characteristics. Findings from the survey assist in individualising the course for each participant.

The Career Focus module focuses on building a coherent and dynamic ‘game plan’ for each participant. Within the context and expectations of their own workplace, participants consider the steps required to fully leverage their experience in the Advanced Leadership Program and realise their leadership potential.​

In addition to addressing leadership-related issues presented by the participant, coaching session four focuses on the application of learnings from the Leading Change and Building Resilience modules. It also builds into the final Career Focus module to ensure that participants complete the Advanced Leadership Program with an optimal understanding of their own strengths and developmental needs as they realise their potential as a leader. 

The Leading Change module focuses on the critical importance of leadership in the change process. Participants build on their thinking from the previous module to look at the inevitable challenges of implementation. Decision making, risk, planning and change management approaches are applied to case studies where participants critically discuss the application of relevant theory, Participants also examine leadership challenges during times of acute crisis and pressure.​

This module reflects on the importance and the dynamics of strategic leadership before moving into a scenario based case study using a variety of strategic problem-solving tools. Participants explore ways to take an active role in redesigning the role of their team, function or organisation in order to achieve the organisation’s objectives. This work includes building the skills to innovate within the real constraints of their own situations.​

In addition to addressing leadership-related issues presented by the participant, coaching session three focuses on the application of learnings from the Building High Performance Teams and Leadership and Innovation modules.​

The Performance DNA module examines commitment, accountability, resistance and conflict as fundamental ingredients in strong and effective leadership. Participants identify key principles that enable groups to achieve outstanding results, consistent with organisational objectives. This module also covers techniques involved in handling difficult conversations coaching others and building individual capability.​

In the Foundations of Empowered Team module, participants explore the practical implications of managing diverse and challenging teams. Participants examine the qualities shared by high-performing teams and identify effective strategies to foster cultures that place a premium on collaboration and collective effort to achieve optimal team results.

In addition to addressing leadership-related issues presented by the participant, coaching session two focuses on the application of learnings from the Mindful Leadership, Presence & Communication and Foundations of Empowered Team modules.​

In the Building Resilience module, participants learn how to manage one’s self and lead others when faced with unexpected change and adversity. Participants explore strategies to build a culture of change readiness and model behaviours which expand possibilities for others around them. The important related issues of individual and team wellness is also considered.​

Participants explore their own preferred style of communicating and the possible implications of their style on colleagues both up and down their reporting lines. The module’s focus is on building effective leadership presence and communicating at different levels - interpersonal, team and organisational.​

During the first coaching session, participants receive feedback from the psychometric assessments and discuss their own objectives in relation to the Advanced Leadership Program. This first coaching session sets a dynamic and positive tone for the program.​

Participants take a deep dive into the traits and behaviours that define exceptional leaders. This day introduces participants a values-based leadership framework as they explore the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership. Participants consider how to optimally synthesise their personal values with their organisation’s to build a value-based culture.​

Participants undertake pre-reading in order to maximise their learning experience throughout the program. At this stage, participants reflect deeply on their own career journey and aspirations.​

Module 1

Mindful leadership

Two day face-to-face workshop

Program Preperation

Executive Coaching Session 1​

Module 2

Presence and communication

2 x interactive webinar workshops

Module 3

Building resilience

2 x interactive webinar workshops

Executive Coaching Session 2​

Module 4

Foundations of the empowered team

One day face-to-face workshop

Module 5

Building high performance teams

One day face-to-face workshop

Executive Coaching Session 3​

Module 6

Strategic leadership and innovation

2 x interactive webinar workshops

Module 7

Leading change

2 x interactive webinar workshops

Executive Coaching Session 4​

Module 8

Caree Focus

Two day face-to-face workshop

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