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Leadership Development Courses

mid level leaders

Stretch your current capacity and develop the behaviours and mindsets to propel you towards executive level performance.​

Mid Level Leaders

For over fifteen years Women & Leadership International (WLI) has been providing high quality professional development to thousands of female leaders across Australasia and North America.

In January 2019, the WLI initiative launched in the UK with the intention of connecting, developing and empowering Britain’s female leaders and supporting a growing global movement to end gender inequality.

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executive and senior leaders

Join leaders at the forefront of their organisations for high impact and uniquely challenging peer orientated learning experiences.​

Executive and Senior Leaders

early career leaders

Fast track your skills and confidence in preparation for long term career success.​

Early Career Leaders

Renee Tocco, Managing Director​

“This has proven to be one of the most outstanding and thought provoking leadership courses I have ever taken part in. The content was incomparable, the facilitators and lecturers were world class and the course outline and modules were holistic and invigorating. The course also provided me with an instant support group of exceptional women from diverse industries all with their own unique experiences and skills. I would highly recommend the course to women in any industry and especially those that work in male dominated industries. The tools this course equipped us with are uniquely tailored for women by women to maximise our impact. I feel grateful, humbled and incredibly gratified that I had this opportunity to be part of this journey.” ​


Fifteen years of experience has demonstrated to us that many women prefer and benefit more from gender-specific development experiences. We believe in creating ‘win win’ solutions for female leaders and their organisations, we use proven development strategies to create powerful role models capable of driving their organisations forward.​​​​

Women & Leadership



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